Oncology Virtual Partnering: 2020 Edition

During three days of face-to-face online meetings, leading researchers, top biotechs and biopharmaceutical companies met, networked and partnered to accelerate oncology pipelines and bring new treatment options to patients worldwide. 

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Flatiron Health

“In precision oncology, we’re looking at increasingly rare populations: less than 1% of prevalence. So can we use machine learning modules to predict who might have a specific mutation and better target our curation efforts. This is more of an efficiency play but it’s a powerful one.”


“As a young company in oncology, we are not fully integrated and have our own capacities to manufacture, so we rely on external partners to manufacture the starting material for genetic modification or to manufacture the T-cell products for the patients. ”

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“How do you know that you’ve found the specific characteristics of the patient’s tumour? That’s what this field is really honing in on. It’s a complimentary relationship between diagnostics, data aggregators, interpreters and drug discovery companies.”

About the 2020 Edition conference

Where the best science comes to meet

Oncology is one of the most challenging areas for research and development but there are critical junctures where the right environment is crucial for success - and where partnering can help bring the best science forward.

At Inova, our aim is to facilitate the bridge between science and business. Together with BIO, we organized this Oncology Virtual Partnering Event in September 2020. Through online one-to-one meetings, researchers, biotechs and biopharmaceutical companies discussed the latest research from oncology congresses, pitched ideas and partnered to prioritize the most promising research efforts.

Webinar recordings

Opening Plenary Session

Trends in New Oncology Treatments

  • Latest development in oncology R&D
  • Real World Evidence and it’s uses to glean information about patients with molecular subsets of cancers
  • Advancements in Cell Therapy
  • What was hot at ESMO
  • Perspectives on investment landscape in oncology
  • AI/ML
Event Preview & Virtual Partnering Platform Demo

Event Preview & Virtual Partnering Platform Demo

  • Get an overview of the event
  • Discover the ins and outs of virtual partnering
  • See a walk-through of the One-on-One Partnering platform and its key features
  • Q&A session

Premium Endorsers

Oslo Cancer Cluster


BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH
Japan Bioindustry Association
Life Sciences Queensland
Medicon Valley Alliance
Montréal Invivo
One Nucleus
Pharma Industry Finland
Taiwan BIO

Attendees included

Abbott – Alligator Bioscience − Arbor Pharmaceuticals – Astellas Pharma – AstraZeneca − Cumulus Oncology − Daiichi Sankyo – Dare Bioscience – Debiopharm – Eli Lilly & Company – Eudendron − Genoscience Pharma − GLG Pharma − Inflection Biosciences Ltd − InterVenn Biosciences − Kitov Pharma – LEUKOCARE – Maat Pharma – MedinCell − NeoImmuneTech, Inc. – Novartis – Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. – Oncimmune − Orphagen Pharmaceuticals − PCI Biotech − Prescient Therapeutics − Salarius Pharmaceuticals − Salipro Biotech − Sermonix Pharmaceuticals – Transcenta

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