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“HalioDx, a leader in immuno-oncology diagnostics and CRO partner for oncologists and BioPharma is coming to Oncology Virtual Partnering to present our first-in-class multi-omic based programs that draw on our expertise and focus on immuno-oncology. The targeted one-on-one meetings specifically focused on oncology will allow us to identify the innovative partners for these collaborations. ”

Prescient Therapeutics

“Prescient Therapeutics is excited to participate in Oncology Virtual Partnering to discuss our novel next-generation CAR-T/CAR-NK technology platform - OmniCAR. The targeted one-on-one meetings and easy-to-use partnering system allow us to discuss our modular, controllable CAR-T technology with partners looking to add post-infusion safety and control to their own CAR-T/NK programs. ”

Why participate?

Find potential R&D collaborations or oncology assets available for in-licensing/acquisition

Identify partners with research solutions such as high throughput screening tools, clinical research capacity, or animal models

Secure funding from new investors or find licensing partners for your portfolio

Discover new diagnostics, biomarkers, adjuvants, carrier systems or technologies

Who will attend?

The Oncology Virtual Partnering Event will bring these stakeholders together to pursue:

Potential R&D collaborations

Early stage discovery collaboration

Drug repurposing

Biological markers and diagnostic tests

Adjuvants, carrier systems, and formulation technologies

Tools for research projects

Animal and in-silico models

Funding and investors

Partners for clinical trials

Showcase your assets, research and expertise in a Company Presentation

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