Immunology Virtual Partnering: 9-12 March, 2021

Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disease

During four days of face-to-face online meetings, leading researchers, top biotechs and biopharmaceutical companies will meet, network and partner to accelerate immunology pipelines and bring new treatment options to patients worldwide.

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In partnership with Evaluate

About this conference

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Over 4% of the world’s population suffers from one or more of the over 80 autoimmune diseases identified to date. A large variety of treatment approaches have already been developed to curb the detrimental effects of autoimmune diseases, and the market continues to flourish. In fact, by 2025 this market is estimated to exceed a global value of $150 billion.

At Inova, our aim is to facilitate the bridge between science and business. Inova and Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), in partnership with Evaluate, are organizing this Immunology Virtual Partnering Event. Through online one-to-one meetings taking place 9-12 March, researchers, biotechs and biopharmaceutical companies will discuss the latest research from immunology congresses, pitch ideas and partner to prioritize the most promising research efforts.

This event will leverage Inova and Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)’s biopharma industry expertise, leading digital networking platform and years of experience organizing partnering events to connect scientific and business communities for the benefit of patients worldwide.


Events Preview & Platform Demo Webinar

10AM — 11 am (ET) / 4 pm — 5 pm (CET)

What is a virtual Partnering Event?

It’s a conference of virtual face-to-face meetings. All meetings are online instead of at a physical location.

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Who will attend?

The Immunology Virtual Partnering Event is open to any organization that provides product, knowledge or technologies that can help advance the immunology pipeline. Therapeutic areas like rheumatology, dermatology, and gastroenterology are expected to be particular areas of focus as is research aimed at tailoring treatments to complement the heterogenous pathophysiologic mechanisms to each patient or anticipating and addressing primary nonresponse and loss of response to current or new therapies.

Pharma & Biotech


Medical Research


Clinical Trials

Diagnostic & Biomarkers

Carrier Systems & Formulation


The Virtual Partnering Event will bring these stakeholders together to pursue:

Potential R&D collaborations

Early stage discovery collaboration

Drug repurposing

Biological markers and diagnostic tests

Adjuvants, carrier systems, and formulation technologies

Tools for research projects

Animal and in-silico models

Funding and investors

Partners for clinical trials

Allero Therapeutics

“ALLERO is coming to Immunology Virtual Partnering to present our novel SOMIT platform technology for antigen specific immunotherapy of autoimmune and allergic disorders. The targeted one-on-one meetings specifically focused on Immunology will allow us to identify the best partners for this project.”


Registration for the Immunology Virtual Partnering event opens on 18 January. Then, our partnering platform, One-on-One Partnering, will open on 15 February so that participants will have a little over 4 weeks to make connections and request online meetings. On 9 March the virtual partnering starts with online scheduled meetings for four days through 12 March.

18 January 2021

Registration opens

Registration for the Virtual
Partnering Event starts.

15 February 2021

Platform is open

Participants can begin
sending meeting requests.

9 - 12 March 2021

Virtual Conference

Scheduled meetings will
take place online.

About the Virtual Partnering Platform

This event will leverage Inova and BIO's matchmaking platform, One-on-One Partnering™, that has been at the heart of major international biopharmaceutical conventions since 2015. It’s the leading partnering system that facilitates thousands of face-to-face meetings at dozens of biopharma conferences worldwide including the BIO International Convention, BIO Digital and BIO Asia. For instance, in the weeks before the BIO International Convention, 4,000 biopharma companies connect online, list their technologies and capabilities, and request meetings with potential partners. By the time the Convention opens thousands of relevant meetings are scheduled – almost 50,000 at BIO Convention 2019 alone.