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Empower your organization to find the best collaboration opportunities by increasing your brand exposure with global audiences seeking partnership and collaboration opportunities. Our sponsorship offers are designed to best meet your needs and budget.

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Ensure that every delegate is aware of your presence by leveraging sponsorship opportunities at this event! Reinforce your thought leadership, promote your offerings, and strengthen your brand by maximizing your visibility.

Promotion via conference website, digital marketing and social media campaigns, PR support.

Measurable outcomes over promises tracing social media mentions, measuring partnering engagement and tracking brand preference post-event.

Compelling return on investment with access to targeted audience.

What you can expect

To show how far your brand can reach, here is an overview of
our numbers from the COVID-19 Virtual Partnering Event:


people reached with our marketing emails


impressions on social media


One-on-One Partnering meeting requests


participants from over 82 countries


life science companies


partners, including sponsors and endorsers

One-on-One Partnering™ Sponsor

One-on-One Sponsor tag

2 registration passes

25% discount on additional registration tickets

Your company logo on every One-on-One page – plus partnering account messaging instant notifications (partnering open, meeting requests, meeting scheduled, …)

Your company logo on the ‘One-on-One Partnering Platform Demo' Webinar

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