Neuroscience Virtual Partnering: 2020 Edition

During four days of face-to-face online meetings, leading researchers, top biotechs and biopharmaceutical companies met, networked and partnered to accelerate neuroscience pipelines and bring new treatment options to patients worldwide.

Inova Software BIO
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“As Orion is working on innovative technologies for neuroscience, this is the partnering opportunity we were looking for: 4 days of one-to-one meetings focused solely on neuroscience. We look forward to meetings with other neuroscience focused companies on 9-12 November”

Avilex Pharma

“Avilex Pharma is coming to Neuroscience Virtual Partnering to present our latest ground-breaking treatments of brain diseases in this therapeutic area. The targeted one-on-one meetings focused solely on neuroscience will help us identify partners to take them forward”


“We're excited to explore new partnering opportunities in neuroscience during the upcoming Neuroscience Virtual Partnering Event 9-12 November, which has gathered quality attendees already.”

About the 2020 Edition conference

Where the best science comes to meet

With the Neuroscience Virtual Partnering Event, our aim is to create the connections between biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies, increasing the chances for biotechs to succeed.

Inova in collaboration with Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), are organizing a 4-day virtual partnering event on neuroscience where participants will have the opportunity to network using the partnering platform and showcase their companies through short video presentations or through links to their scientific abstracts.

Through one-on-one meetings, they will discuss the latest research from neurology congresses, learn about emerging start-ups, pitch ideas and partner to prioritize research efforts that hold the most promise.

Participants will be exchanging about topics such as neurodegenerative, neurological and psychiatric diseases, chronic pain, Huntington’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, neurological rare diseases, spinal muscular atrophy and other central and peripheral nervous system disorders.

This event will leverage Inova and BIO’s biopharma industry expertise, leading digital networking platform and years of experience organizing partnering events to connect scientific and business communities for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Webinar recordings

Opening Plenary Session

Next Generation Advances in Neuroscience Research

This panel brings together executives that are each taking new approaches to treating neurodegenerative disorders. Attendees can expect the session to center around the current challenges in neurodegenerative disease treatment and the anticipated next steps in global research.

Moderator: Danielle Friend, PhD, Senior Director, Science and Regulatory Affairs, BIO


  • Tor-Kristian Jenssen, Head, Research & Development, PubGene
  • Peter Laivins, Chief Commercial Officer, Alzheon
  • Professor Charalampos Tzoulis, Prof. of Neurology & Neurogenetics, Neuro-SysMed
Event Preview & Virtual Partnering Platform Demo

Event Preview & Virtual Partnering Platform Demo

  • Get an overview of the event
  • Discover the ins and outs of virtual partnering
  • See a walk-through of the One-on-One Partnering platform and its key features
  • Q&A session

Premium Endorsers

Oslo Cancer Cluster


BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH
Japan Bioindustry Association
Life Sciences Queensland
Medicon Valley Alliance
Montréal Invivo
One Nucleus
Pharma Industry Finland
Taiwan BIO

Attendees included

Abbvie – Abbott – Allergan – Asahi Kasei – Astellas – Braizon Therapeutics – Exopharm – Galen – Holy Stone Healthcare Co. – Ipsen – Medherant – MedinCell – Minoryx Therapeutics – NeurATRIS – Neuronascent – NEUWAY Pharma – NuvOx Pharma – Otsuka – Santen – Stem Pharm – SOUSEIKAI Global Clinical Research Center – Takeda – UCB – Zambon

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