Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering Event?

It’s a Virtual Partnering Event, organized by Inova in collaboration with BIO, for organizations with product, knowledge or technologies that can help advance the infectious diseases pipeline. We are leveraging our biopharma industry expertise, our leading digital networking platform and years of experience organizing partnering events to bridge the gap between science and business and accelerate global collaboration.

What are the dates and times of the conference?

The online one-on-one meetings will take place from 2 - 4 December, however, the partnering platform opens on 9 November. As soon as the platform is open, you can log in and start searching the directory and requesting partnering meetings .

What is a partnering meeting?

Partnering meetings are unique in that the interactions are not serendipitous. Participants search for and request meetings with potential partners in our directory. Once accepted, they schedule the meeting via our online networking platform. Meetings only last 30 minutes. They are short but allow enough time for an introduction to the partner and their capabilities.

Who will attend this event?

The event is open to any organization that provides assets, products, knowledge or technologies that can help advance the infectious diseases pipelines.

I want to participate. How do I get started?

Get started by registering here.

How much does participation cost?

For the registration and presentation fees, please visit here.

How many people from one company can participate in this event?

There is no limit to the number of attendees from a company. Your colleagues just need to register and pay the registration fees here.