Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering: 2-4 December, 2020

During three days of face-to-face targeted online meetings, leading researchers, top biotechs and biopharmaceutical companies will meet, network and partner to accelerate infectious diseases pipelines and bring new treatment options to patients worldwide.

Inova Software BIO
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Eurocine Vaccines

“At Eurocine Vaccines we are focusing on new solutions to combat infectious diseases. We are delighted to come to Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering and share the progress of our chlamydia vaccine candidate. The targeted one-on-one meetings will provide an excellent setting for us to identify the best future license partners for this project and to find new, innovative vaccine candidates in our endeavors to expand the portfolio.”

Protinhi Therapeutics

“We at Protinhi Therapeutics are focusing on novel antivirals to combat infectious diseases, specifically dengue and COVID-19. We are excited to come to Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering on 2-4 December 2020. This targeted meeting will provide the best setting for us to identify the best partners to work side by side to speed up our developments through investments and R&D collaborations.”

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About this conference

Where the best science comes to meet

Infectious diseases have always impacted human history, but in the past 50 years we have managed to control or eliminate some infectious diseases through improved hygiene, vaccination, antimicrobials, advances in medicine and public health policies. However, the current pandemic is a reminder that we need to continue to pursue our efforts to control these pathogens, especially with intercontinental travel and increased mobility of people and animals.

To manage infectious diseases, we use tools such as vaccines, antibiotics, antivirals, diagnostic tools and biomarkers. But today there are many infectious diseases for which we do not have satisfactory preventive tools or treatment options, such as SARS-CoV-2, Zika virus, Ebola virus, multidrug resistant bacteria, HIV, Malaria. To develop these future tools, collaboration is essential, either for sourcing assets in the vaccine, antiviral or antibiotic space, or for finding research tools to help in screening, in-vivo modelling, clinical trials and diagnostics and biomarkers.

It is in this context that we are organising the Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering event, focusing on diseases caused by organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. With current travel restrictions, this virtual event will help you to find the right business partner to pursue your objectives.

This event will leverage Inova and Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)’s biopharma industry expertise, leading digital networking platform and years of experience organizing partnering events to connect scientific and business communities for the benefit of patients worldwide.

What is a virtual Partnering Event?

It’s a conference of virtual face-to-face meetings. All meetings are online instead of at a physical location.

Who will attend?

The Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering Event is open to any organization that provides product, knowledge or technologies that can help advance the infectious diseases pipeline. The types of treatments being developed range from chemotherapy, small molecules and oral drug formulations all the way to cancer vaccines, immune cell therapies, cytokine modulation and monoclonal antibodies.

Pharma & Biotech


Medical Research


Clinical Trials

Diagnostic & Biomarkers

Carrier Systems & Formulation


The Virtual Partnering Event will bring these stakeholders together to pursue:

Potential R&D collaborations

Early stage discovery collaboration

Drug repurposing

Biological markers and diagnostic tests

Adjuvants, carrier systems, and formulation technologies

Tools for research projects

Animal and in-silico models

Funding and investors

Partners for clinical trials


Registration for the Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering event opens on 21 September. Then, our partnering platform, One-on-One Partnering, will open on 9 November so that participants will have up to three weeks to make connections and request online meetings. On 2 December the virtual partnering starts with online scheduled meetings for three days through 4 December.

21 September 2020

Registration opens

Registration for the Virtual
Partnering Event starts.

9 November 2020

Platform is open

Participants can begin
sending meeting requests.

2 - 4 December 2020

Virtual Conference

Scheduled meetings will
take place online.

About the Virtual Partnering Platform

This event will leverage Inova and BIO's matchmaking platform, One-on-One Partnering™, that has been at the heart of major international biopharmaceutical conventions since 2015. It’s the leading partnering system that facilitates thousands of face-to-face meetings at dozens of biopharma conferences worldwide including the BIO International Convention, BIO Digital and BIO Asia. For instance, in the weeks before the BIO International Convention, 4,000 biopharma companies connect online, list their technologies and capabilities, and request meetings with potential partners. By the time the Convention opens thousands of relevant meetings are scheduled – almost 50,000 at BIO Convention 2019 alone.